Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I apply to work as a Ballot Secretary on Election Day?
  • What are the requirements, in order to work as a Ballot Secretary?
  • Where does one obtain the bus ticket, in order to travel to one’s voting station?
  • Where does one obtain the bus ticket, in order to travel to ones’ voting station?
  • When will the elections film be broadcast on television?
  • How do I verify my eligibility to vote, and the location of my registered voting station?
  • Does a blank white slip count in the calculation of cast votes?
  • Do I need to bring my Voting Card with me to vote?
  • May I vote with a Student Card or other form of identification?
  • I am physically handicapped. How can I know if my voting station is accessible to me?
  • Due to my physical condition, I am unable to vote at the voting station at which I am registered. Where else can I go to vote?
  • How can a blind or visually-impaired person vote?
  • I am enlisting in the army on Election Day, September 17, 2019. Where can I vote?
  • I am unable to use my hands in order to place the voting slip into the envelope. How do I vote?
  • How can a citizen with cognitive impairments vote? May they have an escort?