Voting by Voting-Station Secretaries and Ballot Committee Members
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Voting by Voting-Station Secretaries and Ballot Committee Members

​The Ballot Committee is responsible for supervising the voting and counting of votes on Election Day.

The Ballot Committee is comprised of three members, who are appointed according to the Central Election Committee mapping of the candidate parties, and a Voting Station secretary, who is appointed by the Central Elections Committee, and who is not affiliated with any party.

Since, in many cases, the  ballot committee members and secretary are placed in voting stations far from their homes and registered voting stations, they have to leave their positions in order to vote, or relinquish their democratic right to vote. Therefore, the law states that members of a ballot committee are entitled to vote a t the voting station at  which they are working on Election Day, under the condition that the Committee Chairman, in consultation with his deputies, determines that there are circumstances which prevent the member from voting at his / her registered voting station, or if he worked at the voting station for six consecutive hours.

The secretary and committee members will vote in double envelopes, placing their voting slip into the regular voting envelope, and then placing that inside an additional, external envelope on which the voter's details are written.  

These votes will be counted along with all other votes cast in double envelopes, such as those of hospital inpatients, soldiers, police officers, etc.