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Terms of Use

Terms of use for the Central Elections Committee website (unofficial translation)


1. (a) The Central Elections Committee (from hereon: the Committee) offers this information on this online service, in an informational website on the internet (from hereon: The service) under the following conditions.

(b) Under these conditions –

"User" – any person who connects or is connected to the service;

"The Committee" – and "The State of Israel" – including its workers and its representatives.

2. (a) According to Israeli copyright laws, and according to international treaties, copyright for the Committee publications, including those published by the service, belong to Israel; this copyright applies, amongst other things, to the text, pictures, illustrations, maps, sounds, video, graphics and applications (from hereon- protected material), unless it is clearly noted that the copyright of the protected material is connected to another entity.

(b) The copyright for the pictures that appear on the website belong to the photographers or the Central Elections Committee in accordance with the picture; the pictures cannot be used for commercial use, publication, processing, or for preserving in an archive for commercial purposes.

(c) The user can make fair use, as defined by the Copyright Law, 2007, of protected material in accordance with the rules laid down by the law; for this matter fair use includes reasonable quotations from the protected material.

(d) Someone who cites the website must reference the source of the citation whether it is the Committee or another entity; the user is prohibited from distorting, impairing, altering, changing, or any action which reduces the value of the protected material that is likely to hurt the honor or name of the copyright holder in any way.

(e)In accordance with Copyright Law, it is prohibited to use, copy, disseminate anew, broadcast anew, or publish protected material without express written consent from the Committee.

3. (a) Any question regarding this service and additional questions relating to the area of committee's activities can be directly addressed to the Committee by email (VadatB@knesset.gov.il).

(b) Answers will be given no later than 45 days from the reception of the petition.

4. (a) The service is offered to the public "as is"

(b) The Committee and the State of Israel do not take responsibility for changes undergone for adapting the service to the needs of the user or mistakes in the material presented by the Service.

(c) The Committee and the State of Israel do not take responsibility for changes made to the material presented by the Service by the user or by any third party.

(d) Only the user will bear responsibility for how they use the service.

(e) The Committee or the State of Israel will not bear responsibility for any damage caused to the user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of using the service, including damage caused from use of the applications downloaded directly through the service or activated as a result of using the service including Javascript, Java or Active-X applications.

5 (a) The service will contain links to other sites; their instructions will apply to the use of these links, and none will detract from the rest of the terms of use.

(b) The links are meant only for the ease of use of the user.

(c) Regarding links to outside websites that are not connected to the Committee or the State of Israel (from hereon – 3rd party websites) – if it is not otherwise noted on this site, there is no legal or commercial connection between the Office and the 3rd party website and the office has no control or rights to the material found on these sites.

(d) The Committee and the State of Israel have no responsibility for the content found on the 3rd party website.

(e) Links to 3rd party websites should not be seen as an attempt to give a bump, approval, recommendation or preference by the State of Israel or the Committee to the linked websites including documents and any material found on the websites, to the website operators or to the products displayed thereon.

(f) At the time that a link is included in this service, the information on the linked to site is appropriate for the goals of the service and that the link itself works. However, it is likely that over time there will be changes in the linked to website. If the user thinks that the linked to website or material is not appropriate, or if the link is broken, or if the user thinks that there is an additional relevant website to the topic, the user is asked to notify the committee at the email mentioned in article 3.

6. If a contradiction or a discrepancy is discovered whether in the material published on the service or the material that appears on the official written publication of the State of Israel, only the official published material will be thought of as correct.