Message from the 22nd Knesset Central Elections Committee Chairman
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Message from the 22nd Knesset Central Elections Committee Chairman

Judge Hanan Melcer

To My Fellow Israeli Citizens,

Welcome to the website of the Knesset Central Elections Committee.  This website was designed to give each citizen access to information related to the Knesset elections, in preparation for the upcoming 22nd Knesset elections, which will take place on September 17, 2019 (17 Ellul, 5779).

The basis of the work of the Central Elections Committee is the Basic Law: The Knesset, which informs us and requires of us, in Section 4, that, "the Knesset will be elected in general, national, direct, equal, secret and proportional elections, according to the Knesset Elections Law." The main purpose of the Committee is to enable to public to fulfill its democratic right and obligation, to vote for the Knesset in a free and appropriate manner, as legally proscribed, and in order to allow those who wish to be elected, to propose their candidacies under the conditions described by the law.

The Central Elections Committee is comprised, as per the Knesset Elections Law (combined version) 5729 – 1969, of representatives from the various Knesset parties.  The chairman is a Supreme Court Justice, selected by a panel of Supreme Court judges.

I have the great fortune to be serving as Chairman of the 22nd Knesset Central Elections Committee, which is responsible for the proper running of the elections process.  This goal is not solely the responsibility of the Committee.  Each of you, as Israeli citizens, is expected to be partners in maintaining the purity and fairness of the elections.  Abiding by the laws and regulations are required in order to allow each citizen to vote in accordance with her or his conscience, after forming an opinion about the platforms and members of the participating candidate lists.

In order to assist the voters in making educated decisions, you will be able to find, on this website, information about the Committee, the elections process, the candidate list, the laws related to Knesset elections and timely decisions by the Committee Chair.  Additionally, this site contains relevant information regarding Elections Day itself.  There is also general information about how to vote or run in the elections, as well as statistics from previous elections.

For those who wish to take an active role, serving as on the committees at the voting stations, the website has information about applying for such positions, as well as training and instructional materials.

For any questions which arise, you are invited to use the Contact Us link on the site, or phone *3857 or *3859.

With wishes for pleasant and productive reading on the site, and much success in your voting,

Wishing you pleasant surfing and wise voting,

Justice Hanan Melcer,

Deputy Supreme Court Chairman

22st Knesset Central Elections Committee Chairman